Frontend VS Backend VS Full Stack Developer

A big confusion people have been there starting with their development is should they be choosing front end development back development or full stack web development. So in this video, I thought might sharing one person experience so that you can decide for yourself which path would be better for you. So make sure that you read the article tills end . let’s get started.

So first of all, What is to front development . Front end development is all about creating a great UI that is functional, a great user experience so that people can properly navigate through a website and they can look at everything properly. That’s basically what frontend development is all about.

Then talking about back in development, back in development is there, but a logic aspect is handled. That is, we are the database aspect is handled that is were you process transferring data from your front end to the back end and back into the frontend creating APIs. And that’s basically what the backend development is all about. Let’s also look at what things will you be working on as a frontend in the backend developer.

So as a front end developer, you will be basically learning about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and going and choosing between a React framework. Or you can go for a view or you can go for angular. And once you do that, then you will be called as a frontend developer. You’ve learned the complete frontend stack, and then you can also go for next year if you want to go for efficiency as a reactive developer, but that’s basically what you have in front and development.

And of course, if you want to go to back in development, there is a lot of technologies that you will be looking at, but you have to decide what to expect you want to go from. The most popular one is Mern stack. So people, what they do is that they basically take up Node Js because they’ve already learned JavaScript. So it is easier for them to go JavaScript to Node Js. So that’s what you can look at if you add JavaScript developer already. Then you can choose between SQL databases and No SQL databases. You know, MongoDB is a really popular one. Then of course, you have My Sql. You have Sql light to choose any one of these forecasts.

Well, it’s also really interesting and popular framework or database that you can use to create your own databases. Now If you’re a Python developer, you might have to choose between Flask or Django. These two are also some really popular frameworks for building a server, so you can take a look at that and you can build some really interesting Api with the help of Python, so that’s what you can do in the back and development space. Now will decide what path to take. Think about what would you like to do more, adding more of our design as static interface type of person? Or do you like tinkering with problems? Do you like solving logical problems? And it will help you decide what path should you be taking on. One more thing to understand is that with back in development, it can get a little bit more tricky.

It’s a little hard to learn back in development, then frontend development. For many people out there, it gets a little bit more complex, so that’s what you should be doing before you start with either of these. Now, the example of how this basically works. Think about having a vending machine in a vending machine. You are having two aspects. Number one is that aspect of the interface. How is the vending machine actually made? So when our ending machine, you would have the glass through which you can actually see all the things that are inside the vending machine. after that you have the time in which you would put in your money. So that is basically what the interface is. That is how the people interact with the vending machine that is Front-End. The next part is the back end or that is where we will be able to detect if this is rupee or not, if this is a currency or not. Whenever someone puts in the money, they would be able to detect if this is money or not. So that it was the backend side of things. When you think about the vending machine. So just think about that.

Backend is logical part in and the interface part is what the front end is all about. Now, one thing to understand is that if you can learn both front end and back in development, you will be worth a lot more, both in terms of what you can actually create and the terms of how the market will value you. Right. There are multiple jobs out there for full stack developers in which they pay you a lot more than if you were just our front end development or back end developer. So that’s why you should be keeping in mind now that you’ve talking about web development a lot of companies are now offering jobs based, just on your experience. It does not matter that if you’re from the which colleges. It does not matter if you like the experience. All that matters is your talent and skills.

If you have the skill, you can get a guaranteed minimum salary of 4 lacs per annum for non-tech roles and 6 lacs per annum. This can go as high as 50 Lacs or even more. People who had experience can get up to a 50 percent hike when they will apply for a job through relevant companies like Greg Andres, MBA, now hiring for freshers or people with no experience or entry level by an academy. One More Thing to understand is that when these companies hire people, they are actually hiding software engineers, they’re not just hiring front end developers or backing developers. These companies are actually hiring software engineers because they want you to be flexible. So they are more looking for all round developers who can transition from front to back end. But if you want to look at startups, I think they definitely have specified roles.

This is our friendend developer. This is our backend developer, and this person work to react developer, so you can definitely apply for that as well if you want to, if you just become a frontend developer. You should have to shuffle between many new technologies everyday. You will be seeing some new technology come out as a front end developer, so you might have to switch between them quite often now. So you’re working at a particular company and they’re using Class B as components in React, then let’s say you want to switch to a different company the other company might be using angular, might be using a view, and you might have to switch your whole text stack. And that can take some time before you. And you basically just have to make sure that you are keeping yourself up to date with the latest trends and whatever is happening out there in the market. You can choose what is best for you. If you are morphological person, then you can choose that or best thing that you can do is to just become a full stack developer.

I personally chose frontend development. I am learning a little bit about databases and Node.js as well right now, but that is basically what I chose. I have a bunch of people that I know that are full site developers and they make a lot more and they also have a lot of flexibility, right? Let’s say you have idea and you want to build a project. You can actually build the front end as well as the back into the project if you a full stack developer. So that is what you get. So that’s what you should think about whenever you are choosing between frontend and backend and full stack development that is all I have for you today. Thank You

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