Get 10K Followers On Instagarm

With more than 100 million users on Instagram and hundreds of millions of photos posted daily, the social network can be an exciting place to connect with people that share your interests and passions. However, getting new followers isn’t always easy, especially if you’re just starting out on Instagram or don’t have much of an audience there yet. These 10 tips will help you build a following quickly and easily and help you reach your goals using Instagram!

1) Add an Image to your Bio

To get more followers on Instagram, make sure you create an account that is memorable for those who may come across it. Make sure the account is professional-looking but also personal.

Use a photo from your most recent travels or from an event you attended. You could also use a selfie of yourself in formal attire if you want a first impression that shows how polished your feed is.

2) Use Hashtags Sparingly

1: Utilize your keywords or use hashtags for a more targeted audience. If you are selling flowers, for example, use tags like #flowers, #roseroses, #hibiscus and #roses. Choose between four-six hashtags that will help you reach your target demographic when posting photos of your products or content.

2: Keep it relevant with what is trending in your industry. Keeping up with trends is a great way to gain more followers by not only finding out what is being discussed but also what people are searching for online.

3) Learn From Other Influencers

Create a profile where your followers can find you.
Create posts that are unique, relevant, engaging and authentic to who you are.
Post often. There’s no magic number, but three times a day is reasonable if you have the time!
Use hashtags in your post captions so people can find your content by topic of interest. There’s no need for lots of hashtags or niche hashtags, but make sure one is related to the main topic of the post (eg: #dogsofinstagram).
Add friends as suggested users.

4) Keep Posting Consistently

This is arguably the most important tip, as it’s often a deal breaker for many. Many people are guilty of posting only once a day or worse yet, just whenever they feel like it. If you want to build a loyal following on Instagram, this will not suffice.

Post at least 3-5 times per day if you can handle that type of commitment. This will assure followers that your page is alive and well and there will be fresh content from which they can enjoy from time to time.

5) Find Your Niche

It’s all too easy for businesses, brands, designers and influencers alike to get lost in the abyss of obscurity. To help you avoid that fate, we put together a list of some of the best ways to increase your following quickly on social media. Here are 10 tips to get more followers on Instagram – Develop a brand – Your name should be recognizable and shareable with others so people can connect with you.

  • Grow your following – Be intentional about growing your audience by inviting them to like and follow you, by asking followers questions they may want to answer (and tag them in the post), or by requesting likes or comments from other accounts as a trade.
  • Create content tailored for your niche – Tailor what you post to resonate with those who would enjoy it most, e.g., specific industries or interests shared within different niches: fashion, foodie culture, travel junkies etc. You can even look at other people’s posts to see what has been successful so far before posting yourself!

6) Comment Often (And Make Them Worthwhile Comments!)

A good way to get more followers is by commenting on posts of other people you want to be friends with. This can be done in the traditional way, or if you want a new twist try posting pictures with funny captions.

Another great tip is coming up with a blog series or theme that inspires others enough that they would like you as a follower in return. There are also some companies out there that offer free followers in order to promote their own businesses, but this may not always have good results.

If anything, it can get your account noticed more quickly so it can go either way depending on the content being posted.

7) Engage With Fellow Users

Make sure that your followers can get to know you with every post by including a little about yourself in the caption. This is not only good for making friends, but it can also help other users see who you are in real life – which makes them more likely to want to follow you back.

Remember that consistency is important! If you want people looking forward to your posts then make sure they happen at regular intervals. It’s also a good idea, when you post things like pictures of what food you had or even just selfies, to mention the restaurant or cafe that this happened at so that other users might be able to go there too! Never underestimate the power of hashtags.

8) Don’t Overuse The Same Hashtags

Don’t overuse the same hashtags, so you don’t get buried in an avalanche of posts. Search for a long-tail hashtag that has a good reach, like travel or fitness. Most people do not use these hashtags often, so when you post under them it will be more visible.

Add captions to your photos, including the location you are at (or from) or something unique about that image.
Add text by using Instagram’s new text tool. It allows you to overlay text onto your images using creative fonts and some other awesome effects!

9) Use Stories Properly And Frequently

  1. Share Your Own Content. It’s tempting to post only photos of others, but when you post your own content, you show your followers that you are confident in your creativity.

Plus, as we know from recent Facebook algorithm changes, posting your own content will often result in more engagement than posts of other people’s work.

  1. Post Consistently. This is the secret sauce for generating organic likes without paying for them.

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