How To Get Job in Flipkart

Digital revolution made the entry of e-commerce sector in India, due to which companies like Amazon Myntra, Paytm, Jio changed the whole pattern in the market and one such e-commerce company in India is Flipkart which started by selling books and today it has become so special. Delivering across multiple product categories such as Consumer Electronics, Fashion Home, Essential Grocery and Lifestyle Products

The main¬† office of Flipkart is in Bangalore and its founders are Sachin Bansal and BINI Bansal. Flipkart is a well-known e-commerce company of India, so the desire to get a job in this company also remains in the new generation and the special thing is that Flipkart is also ready to hire every student and professional. In such a situation, today in this article of BurningByte we are going to tell you the process of getting a job in Flipkart, so that’s why definitely read the article completely.

So let’s get started and know how to get a job in Flipkart

Friends, there are many job options in Flipkart for graduate and post graduate candidates. Some of the positions for which the recruitment is done here are Manager Engineer Program Manager Architect Consultant Director Analytics, UI Engineer Hub Incharge, Software Development Engineer and Business Analyst.

Both fresher and professional candidates can get good job in Flipkart based on their skills and degree. Here the job can be done in the form of full time part time and internship, so it is important for you to know how Flipkart selects the candidates, so let’s know according to the educational background of the candidate related to the job position applied for. Skills are essential in the candidates but if we look at the general perspective, Flipkart hires such candidates who have strong communication skills verbal and written, analytical skills and basic computer skills.

Flipkart hires such candidates who are passionate as well as curios in doing skill based work. Candidates should have excellence in domain language and should also have good knowledge of new technologies. A candidate who has accidental team management skills, has knowledge of Flipkart culture and policies and has good presentation and interpersonal skills

Candidates with IT background should have a bachelor’s degree in pass engineering but that candidate should also have a strong academic record. To join Flipkart, the candidate must have a good understanding of Internet Web Search, Online Advertising, Fraud Detection, Numerical Analysis and Ecommerce.

So as far as degree is concerned flipkart knows about rank wise degree for some job pollution. For Assistant Manager Security position, you must be a graduate and must have completed professional security certification like PSB TPA.

For the post of Software Development Engineer

For the post of Software Development Engineer,  should have BE BTech ME MTech degree in Computer Science Information Technology stream. Along with one year experience

Analyst Planning

For this position, B.Tech , BE or MBA degree and experience of 1,3 years should also be there.

Manager Sales Merchandising

Graduation is required for this position and preference will be given to MBA content.

Data Engineer

Second Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering or Technology with 3 to 5 Years Experience for its Demonstration. If you are a fresher then by doing internship in Flipkart you can also open a job path for yourself. Flipkart offers internships to students pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science and business management, as well as students with background in mind that can take this opportunity by showing their skills in the interview.

In Flipkart, you can do internship in profiles like Software Development, Product Management and Operations Management. The duration of the internship is two months and it is provided by the Bangalore office. During this, the interns also get a good stipend and if you prove to be a junior passionate learner during the internship, then your chances of getting the job will also increase.

How to apply for Flipkart Internship. Know that to get internship in Flipkart you have to send your application and you will have three ways to apply for internship.

First Through the Reference

In this you can write to the Flipkart employees and request through Facebook , linkdin to refer you for the internship interview.

Second Campus Placement

Flipkart visits selected colleges like IITs ,IMS, XLRI ,NITs and NIFT under its campus placement program

Third Mailing the HR Executive

By mailing the third HR executive, if you have skills and perfection in your resume, then you can take lateral entry by mailing the HR executive and also by mailing the second. Place your application. After that if you get selected for internship interview then interview will be according to your internship profile but soon it will have three rounds and online test, technical round and HR round

After clearing these rounds you will get selected to be a part of Informal Work Culture of Flipkart and then you will be called as interns who will get an opportunity to mentor and understand the work culture of Flipkart to a large extent.

There are many job options assigned according to age and skills. If you really want to join Flipkart, then definitely visit the website flipkart careers. Thank you.

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