How To Get Job In Paytm

In today’s article we are going to give you information about paytm, how to get job in paytm. If you also want to work in Paytm company then read this article till the end.


First of all let us know a little about Paytm. Paytm whose full name is Pay Through Mobile is an Indian digital payments company founded by Vijay Sekhar Sharma and launched by 197 Communications Limited in the year 2010 as an online mobile recharge website. Initially the company provided simple service of mobile recharge and payment of utility bills like DTH bill electric bill gas bill water bill etc. and today on its mobile app provides consumers a complete market where you can do online shopping mobile recharge ticket booking Many things like taxi booking bill payment money transfer can be done with Paytm.

Even if you do not make shopping online and shop from any other offline shop  or in the market, you can still pay with your Paytm. For this, it is necessary for the shopkeeper to have a QR code to receive money from Paytm. Paytm is available for almost every mobile platform like Android, Windows and iOS. The Main Office of Paytm is situated in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

How To Get Job In Paytm

Let now know how you get a job in Paytm. Paytm company says that India is passing through a revolution where every year millions of people are added to the population using internet on their mobiles. There is a lot of change in the way such people transact and make purchases. Paytm is proud to be at the forefront of this change as it moves forward with its mission of simplifying everyday life for the vast majority of India.

After touching the lives of 80 million people through its mobile wallet and leading them towards a cashless economy, Paytm is creating history by becoming India’s most trusted business platform. All this has been possible because of the smart employees working here who have created a working environment where we encourage the innovative thinking of our employees so that they can take our company to a new height. Can you Similarly, every year Paytm continues its quest to build an exceptional team looking for high potential candidates from across the globe.

Paytm is looking for a candidate who has the ability to understand things logically. Willing to solve problems and have the ability to take full responsibility for the work assigned to them. If Paytm is one of your dream companies then you need to know what it takes to get a job in Paytm. Paytm’s requirement process is quite simple. They share their vacancies on most of the popular job search platforms like LinkedIn,, etc. Along with this, you also have to keep an eye on the career option by visiting its official websites from time to time, from where you can get to know about the vacancies.

All you have to do is, you have to go to any official website job search platform and then fill an application form in which all the information related to you will be asked. Fill all those details and select the job category based on your qualification and experience. After seeing your application, Paytm company will decide to select you for written test and interview. The special thing about Paytm is that it also gives an opportunity to the fresher to give job in their company.

Let us now know what is the eligibility criteria to get a job in PG. To get a job in Paytm, you must have certain qualifications. let’s see

1 – Degree Which are Required For Job in Paytm

To get a job in Paytm, you must have a B.Tech, B.Sc , B.Com, PG degree. You should maintain more than six percent marks throughout your academic career. This means that in the courses of 10th 12th and B.Tech.

2 –  Graduation degree, more than sixteen percent marks should be obtained.

3 – Candidate should have good written and oral communication skills.

Candidate should also have complete knowledge of English language. Candidate should have the ability to understand the problems well and solve the problems of the customer. Candidate should have good programming skills like cc plus java, python etc. and concepts of data base like oracle, mysql. Apart from this, what should be the scripting language such as HTML, Java Script, CSS, Jquery etc. So these were some special eligibility criteria, if you have all these skills then you can easily apply for the job in PTA. can do.

Let us know that what type of job category is there in Paytm.

Paytm mainly provides jobs in the following categories. Product Manager UI User Interface Designer Product Unix User Experience Designer Technical Architect Assistant Engineer, it Software Engineer Technical Support Data Analysis & Help Desk Support Service Desk Support Database Administrator Marketing Manager Sales Manager etc.

And now we will know how is the selection process of PTM. The selection process for PTM is divided into four rounds and it is as follows.

Round Number 1 Online Test

In the first round written test is taken which mostly consists of programming related questions which are related to OS. Let’s test your knowledge on topics like C Language Networks. The exam will be of forty five minutes in which 20 questions will be asked. Overall the level of the paper is Moderate to Difficult only those candidates who will clear the written test. Will qualify for the next round

Round Number 2 Technical Interview First

Once you qualify the written exam you proceed for the interview. This stage starts with a technical interview which is usually conducted by the hiring manager. You can expect questions based on your past projects internship and your application form. Apart from this, your technical skills will be tested on the subject of DBMS and Data Structures etc.

Round Number 3 Technical Interview

If the hiring manager considers you a suitable candidate, you will have to go through a second round of some technical interviews. Senior Management level usually handle this round with questions on topics like number series algorithms data base html ace cable etc. Your technical skills will be further assessed.

Round Number 4 HR Interview

Even though there may be more than two technical rounds in some cases, the final round will always be an HR interview. Most of the questions in this will be aimed at seeing your preferences, your abilities and whether you understand Paytm working culture or not. If you successfully clear all these four rounds then you will be hired for the job at the rear

Why You Work in Paytm

Now let’s finally talk about why you would like to work in Paytm. Friends, at present, more than 150 million users are using Paytm to make online payments. Meaning here your job security is that this company will not be closed yet.

Salary of Paytm Employees

The average annual salary of Paytm employees is Rs 6 lakh. Paytm is a youth organization where the average age of the employees is considered to be around 24 years. This means that in this company, the new youth are given full opportunity to showcase their skills. Paytm always makes sure that their employees get a chance to work with the latest technology. You will feel secure in your future working with a successful and highly profitable company.

You will also get options to work by visiting the international office of Paytm. Paytm provides medical insurance facility to its employees and their families. Behind also runs several employee development programs primarily focused on people-led and practical individuals.

Overall Paytm is a great place to work. Most of the people want to work in Paytm company so that they also get good salary and their future can also be good. So I hope you got to know from this article that how to get job in Paytm. If you have the passion to work and you do not have any work experience, even then you can easily get a job in Paytm. For that, you keep visiting its official website from time to time and work hard to clear its exam. If you liked this article, then do share as much as possible so that more people can also know about how to apply for job in paytm. Thank you.


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