What is Machine Learning

In today’s time the field of science is progressing a lot. Everything from pen to laptop is a gift of science. Our world is have lot of gadgets and machines. Science playe the role in the development of human society. Computer is one of the best discoveries of man, which is affected human life in all the fields. In the early days computers were not so capable but due to continuous development today computer has become our need in every work. In the coming time, the machine age is about to begin. Either you can say that it has already started where computers now have the ability to think like humans. So today we will learn about a very famous technique whose name is Machine Learning, many of you must have heard its name, but if you want to know more about it, then stay with us in this article in which we are going to tell you. What is machine learning, how it works and what are its benefits, then first of all we will know that machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence, which provides the ability to the system itself to learn automatically and He can also improve himself when needed.

Machine learning can help to teach a system to learn automatically without having to explicitly program it, in that the system is made so efficient that the machine can complete that task on its own from the next time based on its previous experience and We can continuously improve it like we humans do, we learn something from all our good and bad experiences and do some work in future based on that experience. Along with this, the user’s command and its associated data can also be stored and kept.

The main purpose behind making machine learning is that the computer can learn on its own without the help of any human and perform the task accordingly. Simply put, man wants to make a machine that thinks like himself and now we will know how machine learning works. Machine learning artificial intelligence is a form of income that allows computers to think like humans Teaches such as learning from and improving upon past experiences that work by identifying declared patterns of data and involve minimal human interaction. 

A big part of what makes machine learning so valuable is its ability to detect what has been left out of the human eye when reading or collecting data. Machine learning is capable of capturing modules and complex patterns that are overlooked during human analysis.

To understand how machine learning works, it is very important to understand its types. In general there are four types of Machine Learning Algorithms 

Supervised Learning and UnSupervised Learning Semi Supervised Learning and Reinforcement Machine Learning. 

First of all, we talk about Supervised Machine Learning, in this type of algorithm, the machine applies what it has learned from its past experiences to the new data so that it can use the already given example for future events be able to guess. ======

This algorithm works in exactly the same way that humans actually learn from their experiences. In Supervised Learning, different types of examples and answers are given to the machine as inputs so that the algorithm learns from these examples and based on these inputs infers the correct output. 

 2  UnSupervise Machine Learning 

 UnSupervise Machine Learning algorithms, examples and answers are not given as inputs in advance. In this, the algorithm itself has to guess based on the data, so these algorithms learn from test data or real data, which have already been done in level classified or categories. UnSupervised learning algorithm identifies similarities in the data and gives output based on the presence or absence of such similarities in each piece of data. . ————–

Number 3 Semi Supervised Machine Learning

This Algorithm comes under both Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

It Uses labeled and unlabeled data Systems that use this algorithmic method are very easily able to significantly improve their learning abilities from time to time.

 Number Four Reinforcement Machine Learning

 Reinforcement Machine Learning is a learning method that interacts with its surroundings by presenting actions and discovering errors as well. Trial and error detection and detection is the specialty of this algorithm. This method helps the machine and software agents to self-detect the movement of any particular instruction, so that it can further improve the performance of the system and Now we will know where machine learning is being used.

Using machine learning, Google is doing many new things, such as Google Translator, taking a photo of a road sign board or a menu written in a language, detects the words and language present in it and translates it into your language at the same time. This is actually a miracle of machine learning algorithm. With this, you can ask anything from Google Translator and speech recognition, which works through machine learning, will start its work. 

Speech recognition technology help a lot in other products of Google like in Google app you can ask any question and in YouTube also you can search by writing and searching the videos you want.

 Machine learning is being used in many other places, friends such as Facebook shopping websites, email etc. Facebook is widely used around the world and machine learning is used in Facebook today in friends tagging suggestions. 

In this, based on face detection and image connection, Facebook checks in its database and recognizes a photo or image. When you go shopping, you must have noticed that the information related to your searched product starts appearing everywhere like you have shared something on Amazon and after a few days when you open Facebook or YouTube, you will also find the same product there. When the ads related to this page start appearing,

 then all this is actually visible due to machine learning in which Google monitors your every activity and shows ads accordingly. Similarly, while using email, you must have seen that how the site arrives in the inbox as per our requirement and most of the mails go to the folder containing the spam mail, so machine learning has been used behind it, friends, in which machine learning has automated any The content and salt of the email is detected and the email is swiped if anything is found to be wrong.

 Let us now know what are the benefits of machine learning. Talking about the benefits of machine learning, it has made human life much easier where machine learning is constantly being used to improve tasks in every field and for this, machines are constantly being made more effective and efficient. Used to be.

The use of machine learning is not limited to any one sector, but the advantage of this technology is being found in almost every field, such as in retail, where the trade can be easily understood and future sales can be predicted. 

Also, by understanding the browsing behavior of the customer, suitable products can be suggested on their screen, which can enhance the customer experience and increase the sales. Machine learning is also being used in the finance sector to provide better and faster service to the customer such as enhancing transaction security and preventing fraudulent activities. 

Machine learning is also working very fast in the healthcare industry, with the help of machine learning, it helps in detecting the disease of human beings through their physical activities, as well as promoting health facilities at very low cost. Google and Facebook have also shown appropriate advertisements to the user using machine learning. All these ads are based on the behavior of the user, hence it is also called target ads. Apart from this, machine learning is also used in the field of online fraud, spam filtering, fraud prevention and network security. 

Similarly, there are many areas where machine learning is being used and there are many other areas where research is being done for how it can prove beneficial for us, in the future, machine learning can be used in maximum things. It is likely to be done in which the role of Artificial Intelligence is considered to be very important, so friends hope that you will like the information given in this video. Machine learning is a very big topic, friends, we have tried to explain to you a shot, hope you understand what machine learning is and how it works and what are the benefits of it. Do share with us what is your opinion about machine learning.

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