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Web development is quickly becoming one of the most in-demand skills in the tech industry, and it’s easy to see why. When you become skilled at developing websites and web applications, you can do things like create new apps that allow people to connect more easily, build sites that help businesses increase their revenue, or even build entire platforms that millions of people use every day, without ever knowing they exist! With all of this potential for making an impact, it’s no wonder so many people are interested in learning how to start a career in web development.


What is web development?

Web Development refers designing and developing websites and applications for use on servers connected to the Internet. Web developers are responsible for creating functional, secure sites that are easy to navigate by visitors or customers. These professionals work in various industries including insurance, information technology, business services and media companies. To be successful in their careers they must stay up-to-date with changing technologies

Why Web Development?

You’re not alone. There are thousands of students who, like you, want to get into web development for a variety of reasons. Some students have an interest in developing mobile applications and websites for businesses or startups. Some want to create their own startup. Some want a career that will allow them creativity and flexibility with their schedule. Whatever your motivation may be, there is one thing we all have in common: we love web development! Because you’re passionate about it doesn’t mean that you can just jump right into coding or designing websites for clients or employers yet though. It will take time to build up your skills and have some good work samples ready before being considered qualified for most jobs out there.

Are you interested in web development?

You’ve probably heard of web development, but not sure where to start or what exactly it is. It may seem overwhelming, but you don’t have to know everything right away. In fact, according to Code Academy , most developers spend about four years before they become an expert in their field. And even if you never plan on becoming an expert—even if you simply want a job as a website designer—there are skills and information you should still learn up front. We can help. In order for you to be successful in your career as a web developer, you need an understanding of different languages and tools that make up web development best practices.

Is your goal to make money from web development?

It’s important to understand that starting a career as a web developer can be very lucrative. The average salary for software developers is over $90,000 and jobs related to computers and programming are expected to grow by 22% through 2026—much faster than average. If you do decide to pursue web development as your career, it’s best if you take some time working on projects for free (or at least at no cost) before applying for paid positions. Fostering relationships with web developers and other professionals may help you land your first gig! There are tons of free resources available online that will help you learn how to code or boost your skills.

Languages used in Web Development

Learning how to code is easy. The difficult part is selecting which programming language you want to learn first. There are plenty of options available, but there are some biggies that stand out from the rest. Let’s take a look at three of them below C++: A general-purpose programming language with a storied history and a long-time fan base, C++ has been around since 1983 and it remains popular with many coders today. Java: Best known for its widespread use in Android apps, Java was developed by Sun Microsystems back in 1995 and it still going strong today. Objective-C: With Apple bringing iOS development into its repertoire with X-code 9 , Objective-C was added to X-code so coders can write native iOS apps using Swift or Objective-C . Currently ranked #4 among most popular coding languages based on data from Indeed , it’s also been used by Apple since 2002 for developing its OS X and iOS operating systems.
Common Languages for Learning Web Development

  • HTML
  • CSS

Companies That’s Hire’s Web Developers

Most of companies are working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other languages to build out their websites. To become a web developer, you should be well versed in these languages. You can learn what you need on your own by taking online courses or enrolling in an accredited college program. But there are also many resources available for self-learners. FreeCodeCamp provides step-by-step guides that will get you started on your coding journey while Codeacademy offers interactive lessons that teach real programming skills.

How much web developers earns

It can be difficult to gauge what web developers make because there is no standard salary for every job. The kind of work, experience and seniority of individual developers determine their earnings. In general, though, it’s pretty clear that web development is one of the most lucrative tech jobs available. To give you an idea, Glassdoor estimates that entry-level positions pay upwards of $75,000 annually. Web developers who are slightly more experienced can make between $92,200 and $117,300 per year with 5-10 years on their resume. There was no limit on earning. You can earns from multiple ways . If you are beginner then you can easily earns $6,000 to $10,100 annually. The Earnings is totally dependent on experience.

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